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Share 4Life products with people you love

Share 4Life products, Sharing is loving

Please define what you mean by the term “Product socialization.”

By inviting your family members and friends to use 4Life products. In turn, become product promoters. This creates a culture of sharing products with people who enjoy them and recommend them to their friends. In a sense, sharing the products becomes another way to connect or socialize with friends instead of pushing a hard sales pitch.

Why are home meetings the perfect setting to create a culture of product socialization and therefore increase your sales volume?

Your friends, relatives, peers, acquaintances, and neighbors trust you and value your opinions. When you invite them to a warm, yet professional meeting at your home and share samples of your favorite products, they will surely want to buy and recommend those products. If your entire organization holds several home meetings every week, you will increase your sales volume by duplicating the process.

Which products do you recommend sharing at home meetings?

My favorite products to share during home meetings offer a sensory experience. Guests can see, smell, state, and even feel these products. Their benefits are easy to explain in just a few words. Plus, I personally use these products on a daily basis.

  • NutraStart ---Mix it with fruit for a delicious smoothie to share with guests.
  • Energy Go Stix --- Perfect for sharing you can supply guests with a water bottle so that they can easily shake up the samples. Plus, you can now offer two delicious flavor options.
  • Enummi Skin Care —These products smell and feel wonderful and can immediately be enjoyed by your guests.

What if customers express concern that they can’t afford to replace their daily products with 4Life products?

You can confidently state that 4Life products are unique because of their high quality and 4Life Transfer Factor science.  4Life Transfer Factor RioVida Tri-Factor Formula, for example, is the only antioxidant juice drink on the market that includes transfer factors to support immune system health. 4Life products are also competitively priced. For example, Energy Go Stix costs less per packet than a cup of coffee or a canned energy drink.  For those interested in the financial opportunity, I tell them that as they build their 4Life business, the products will eventually pay for themselves. Most importantly, when people see how excited and enthusiastic you are about the products, they will want to try them, regardless of the price.

Do Distributors need to become “health experts” to sell more products?

One of the biggest mistake a distributor can make is to sound too technical when explaining products to a customer. Taking about science and technology can quickly get confusing, so keep it simple and just share your personal recommendation.

What are your tips for providing a great product testimonial?

Be Sincere and enthusiastic. Talk about the products you use daily. Keep your testimonial simple by talking about the quality of 4Life products and the results you’ve experienced personally. By keeping it simple, your guests will see how they can easily duplicate your efforts.

 Which products do you and your family enjoy every day?

In the morning, we use enummi toothpaste to brush our teeth, and we wash our faces with enummi gentle Facial Cleanser. We enjoy delicious NutraStart shakes blended with fruit and almond milk for breakfast. Before I go to the gym, I drink another shake with NutraStart and Energy Go Stix, and then I take 4Life NanoFactor Glutamine Prime.

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