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How to take 4life products?

An ultimate guide to taking 4Life products

If you are not familiar with this great health-focused company, their range of products may make you confused. Please go to this link for a product guide.

4Life boasts around 100 products, and in case you are wondering what the best ways to take these products are, this guide offers you a general guide for taking 4Life products. Please note that this guide only covers the usage of these products as 4Life company recommends.

What is so special about these 4 Life product?

4Life as a company that has been operating in the nutrition market since 1998, with their flagship product being an immune system booster – Transfer Factor, a unique patented formula in the protein field. The great value of this essential formula puts them in a leading role in the field.

The label of each product states the number of capsules, liquid, etc, you need to take.

As illustrated, take two capsules every day with 8oz of water. These nutritional products all come in monthly supplies. If you get 60 or 90 capsules, all you need to do is divide the total number of capsules by 30 days, and then it will usually result in taking 2-3 capsules daily. But some items differ from others. You can learn more about the illustration below.

How should you take/use 4Life Transfer Factor products?

In case you don't already know, 4Life products are in six categories. Another new product (4Life essential oil) was released in May 2017. As most of these products fulfill different benefits, exceeding the amount of the required dose for some products, such as Rezoom, Riovida Stix, etc. may keep you awake all night.

1. Transfer Factor core products line.

These remain the very first set of products by 4Life, and they include Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula. You can take 2 oz of Riovida juice (the purple bottle and also the most popular) every day.  You will use two boxes of Riovida a month.

The immune spray is another great product. It helps soothe your mouth and throat. It's ideal for traveling. It's great at tackling bad breath and easing your breathing.

Transfer Factor RenewAll is another tube product (2-oz per tube). It consists of Transfer Factor ingredients that blend well with Aloe Vera. This product is created to apply to all desired skin areas, and it promotes beautiful skin.

In case you are curious about Transfer Factor Chewable (the middle product in the picture above), it's a chewable Transfer Factor Plus/Tri-Factor product. It's perfect for people who aren't too comfortable swallowing capsules. You can take 3 tablets daily.

2. General health products line.

You shouldn't have any problem finding Aloe Vera, Flex4Life cream, Fem Rite, and so on. They all have their measurements given.

This line of product satisfies various health needs–from your head to toes, muscles to bones. The recommended dosage applies to most of these items.

Aloe Vera is part of this category and has the same design as Rezoom. It's a very healthy product that aids digestion. We also have Flex4Llife cream and Fem Rite which you can only apply to the skin. Gurmar is a great product that balances glucose levels. It contains Gymnema(click here for more details about this herb), which helps your body to block sugar, as its primary ingredient (click here to learn more about this herb).

Ritestart is a product that contains lots of vitamins. They are the perfect supplement product for everyday needs. You can take one pack just as recommended or two packs daily to breathe life into your everyday activity as well as receive other health benefits. You can read more about Ritestart Men/Women in a review right here.

3. 4LifeTransform products line.

Transform Burn is a new product line that is good for weight management, and there are 80 capsules in a bottle. The product profile says you can take two capsules before exercises, twice daily and five days a week. This means the amount you will take every four weeks will add up to 80 capsules.

Pro TF Whey Protein is another. For best results, you can take one cup of PropTF Whey Protein 30 minutes before hitting the gym. (Read this article, "6 reasons why Pro-TF is better than Whey Protein") For best results, mix one scope of Pro-TF about 30 minutes before hitting the gym, then follow it up with another scoop after the gym.

Renuvo is a relatively new addition to the 4Life Transform line, and it is good for total body wellness. During the last 4Life convention, the product development scientists recommended taking two capsules before breakfast, and another two capsules around 2-3 pm between meals. It will significantly boost your energy level. It's not advisable to take it at night as it could release so much energy and cause you to be restless.

Also, Transform Men/Women support healthy sexual performance/libido. Please understand, this product helps to boost the natural function; it’s not a drug to give you an instant reaction and then leave you with side effects. You can follow the recommended information, and give it time to work on your body.

4. Shape4life products.

With the growing popularity of Transform products, this product line isn't getting as much attention from our customers. But there's no denying the fact that they are good products with benefits.

Energy products such as Rezoom and Energy Go Stix are also different. Rezoom can be measured especially with the bottle; you can always squeeze 1-2 oz from the top right corner.

At the moment, there are about four Energy Go Stix flavors, which come with some packaging (30/box). You can easily mix one package with one bottle of water without any feeling of "meltdown" afterwards. You should note that the tropical flavor, is the new flavor and comes with only 15 per/box. Naturally, they are a great energy drink and are perfect for summer. You get free shipping with

5. Essential Oils products.

in 2018, 4Life Research company introduce a revolutionary new product line. It is 4Life Essential Oil. It's finally available to public after 2018 convention.

For details on these essential oils and how to use them, we'll come up with the update soon.

This article may not address all your questions and concerns completely, but if you find it useful, we would appreciate if you can click on the share buttons to share it. Also, we would love to hear your opinion or take your question; feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

*Please understand that these products are not intended to prevent or cure any diseases, conditions.

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