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Quality. Science. Progress.

Quality. Science. Progress

Jason Little, 4Life® Research Scientist

One of the greatest benefits of being a 4Life distributor is the company's consistent emphasis on high-quality products, which are well-founded in scientific research. This commitment to quality helps fortify our foundation toward future growth and secures a stable, long-term opportunity for distributors in the years to come. Distributors and customers alike can have absolute confidence in the caliber of 4Life products.

One of the most powerful ways in which we ensure the caliber of 4Life products is by repeatedly incorporating new advancements in biochemical testing and research. Below, I will briefly share some of these advancement- and their benefits to you- by answering a few questions about the 4Life Research Analytical Laboratory that was recently renovated and expanded in 2011. This information will help provide a better understanding of the technical and scientific expertise applied to all of 4Life's products.

Q: What is an analytical laboratory?

A: An analytical laboratory provides the equipment and expertise for very accurate testing of identity, potency, purity, and composition of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals used in 4Life Transfer Factor® products.

Q: Why did 4Life expand its analytical laboratory?

A: While 4Life has always tested all of its products, science continues to advance. This laboratory includes some of the most recent advancements in instrumentation and allows for increasingly sophisticated research and development.

Q: How does this lab benefit 4Life distributors?

A: It demonstrates 4Life's investment and commitment to stand by its distributors, products, and claims. An internal analytical laboratory is rather unique amongst dietary supplement companies, and is a great sign of products stability and longevity. Moreover, an analytical testing laboratory ensures that all products have been fully developed, correctly formulated, tested for quality, and meet regulatory standards.

Q: Will the laboratory help the Research and Development department advance and develop 4Life products?

A: Yes. Because the analytical instrumentation is very sophisticated, it will provide our department with critical information when formulating products.

Q:What kind of equipment does the analytical laboratory include?

A: This fully developed lab incorporates many types of equipment. A few key instrumentations are: an FTIR to identify purity of raw materials, a HPLC to verify concentration of vitamins and an ICP/MS to test mineral content.

The significant technical and scientific expertise behind each 4Life product is a tremendous asset to the company and every distributor. Our newly expanded analytical laboratory is an extremely valuable addition that supports 4Life's mission of Together, Building People®, with an investment in our distributors' success and our commitment to quality product development.

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