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6 Reasons you will benefit more from Pro-TF

WHY PRO-TF IS BETTER THAN WHEY PROTEIN? Tick tock, summer coming soon with thoughts of bikinis and showing off your body at the beaches pr at the pool. Gym fitness centers are getting more people who want to shape up for this coming season and make sure they are ready for the big reveal. If you are seeking a way getting your body into shape you are many times looking at your nutrition, and what products you might take to help with your goal.

One of the products can be using whey protein product (if you are not sure what is whey protein, please check the explanation on Wikipedia). But there are better products that far exceed the benefits of whey. If you want to know what might be the best then please take a moment to read through this interesting information for assisting your weight management or muscle building.

This product is PRO-TF and the following are reasons why it should be your choice:

Number 1: PRO-TF has great taste!

This 1-year old product is relatively new to the market. 4Life Pro-TF has been a hit to many of its customers. This product comes with Pro-TF Vanilla Flavor and Chocolate Flavor to give you a delicious choice and variety for longer term use. In my personal consumption, I prefer the Vanilla flavor, but the chocolate flavor has a light, yet rich chocolate taste. If you are crazy for chocolate, I highly recommend add this product to your weight management program.

Number 2: It has proven results on studies and customers!

There has been great scientific test results from the university research center [According to Auburn University studies on Pro-TF]:
a. “Protein can help protect healthy muscle in people of all ages by increasing muscle growth and reducing muscle breakdown.”
b. “Stimulates fat burning markers from visible fat stores by 203% for up to 3 hours* better than any other product on the market in making sure you have the best product for your goals.”
c. “Stimulates fat burning from organ fat (bad fat) which is stored by an amazing 564% for up to 3 hours” (Compared to Whey Protein)

*Note: The under-natured whey protein concentrate percentage on this data point increased from 183% to 283%.

Number 3: Great Results.

There have been a lot of exciting results already (According to, and the following are a lot great testimonial pictures, some of them totally amaze you. Please keep in mind that, those results may vary.

Number 4: Pro-TF includes 4Life Transfer Factor formula

What this product has that NO other weight management product as is the inclusion of 4Life Research Transfer Factor formula that boosts and enhances immune system activities. Each Two or more servings per day provide 20 grams of protein and 600 mg of 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula. Check what is transfer factor and the benefits of it.

Number 5: Better Health

Better Health should always be the goal included in your nutritional program. With reduced weight, more activities you are offering your body a better chance to be and stay healthy for a much longer time. The inclusion of Transfer Factor will increase your resistance and help in maintaining a better way of adapting to your environment.

Number 6: Building Muscle, Stop Craving

This product is great for building muscle and reduce body fat. There are also component of the formulation of this product to help in the reduction of your craving, which has been tested and shown up to 62% improvement.

Bonus Tip: In the 4Life Research App there is the exclusive monitoring of your progress. If you are using a smart phone, please go to App Store and look up 4Life Transform App. It is free to download and easy to follow and helps you to reach your goal by keeping you aware of your progress. They have even included food choices for you to follow (All weight management programs have the necessity of making sure you follow a reasonable nutritional program for success). Then there is also some exercises tips etc. (The second most important part of your fitness routine). It is a great App to record your journey of successfully managing weight and your physical figure development. 

Conclusion: There is no product on the market that helps you to burn fat and boost your immune system. Pro-TF has transformed a lot consumers, help them get healthier and become active in life. Those are the reasons why Pro-TF is better than Whey Protein.

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