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4Life Transfer Factor: Products of research and modern innovations

4Life Research Transfer Factor products  innovation

What do you know 4Life Research Transfer Factor products ? More than ever, we are now living in the age where almost everyone is already conscious about wellness. This is also the reason why interests in transfer factors and supplements continue to rise.  People are starting to recognize the real importance of prevention in maintaining a healthy and strong body. When 4Life Research came up with 4Life Transfer Factor products, millions of people benefited from having stronger immune systems. They, in turn, shared their positive experience with their relatives and friends; thus, 4Life products have gained recognition and found their rightful place in the wellness market.

There are, indeed, thousands of other herbal products and supplements in the market today which claim to stimulate the immune system. However, transfer factors possess antigenic specificity, regulatory function, and immune system balancing capability, which are not present in any of these food supplements and herbal products. 4Life Research has spent many years studying transfer factors. On the physical aspect, they take the form of small proteins. Specifically called polypeptides, these are polymers made up of amino acids and are also the building blocks of proteins. When it comes to functions, transfer factors are molecules that transmit information with cells of the immune system. They support the system’s ability to recognize, respond to, and remember threats to the body’s health.

4Life Research, through the use of modern technology, made it possible to extract transfer factors from cow colostrums and chicken egg yolk. The positive results of such research, gave way to the introduction and mass production of 4Life Transfer Factor products in the market. This eventually led to the advancement of Transferceutical Science.

Every day, our body’s immune system has to work hard to protect us from environmental threats. Most of these invaders are not easily seen by the naked eyes, yet they can affect us in more ways than we can imagine. You can just imagine how critical it can be when your immune system is no longer functioning properly and can no longer cope with the harmful effects of outside invaders. When it gets impaired as a result of unhealthy lifestyle, environmental hazards, or poor diet, you overall well-being suffers tremendously. While there are health products and supplements in the market which can provide nutrition for immune cells, what they really need to perform optimally is education and direction – something that 4Life Transfer Factor can effectively provide.

4Life Research has spent more than a decade to bring you quality and effective products that will support the immune system. And it continues to discover unrivaled and uncharted ways to take wellness to higher levels. Transfer factor molecules are already in existence from the time you are born. Mothers are known to pass on this important immune know-how through her first milk, also known as colostrum. The newborn uses this knowledge to build its very own immune history of strength. The most effective known sources of transfer factors are cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks. 4Life capitalized on this knowledge and combined the two for a more potent and synergistic formula.

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