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It's always fun to share something great with your friends. 4Life's newest and most recently updated  products 4Life Transfer Factor Vista® Energy Go Stix® , and RiteStart®
offer three new sharing choices that will help you support the health of others and build a healthy business. In this article, you'll learn what makes each product great and how to share their benefts quickly and easily with the people in your life.

4Life Transfer Factor Vista  provides targeted support to benefit visual performance and eye health. It contains the #1 doctor recommended  lutein brand*, plus additional ingredients that support healthy visual acuity and the ability to adapt to varying light conditions. And don't forget about the exclusive immune system support of Targeted Transfer Factor, specifically 4Life Transfer Factor ®  Tri-Factor ® Formula.

Energy Go Stix helps you power through your busy day... and now it's available in a brand-new tasty berry flavor! Infused with Transfer Factor E-XF,  energy-boosting ingredients, and fortifying nutrients, you're good to go no matter what life throws your way!

RiteStart is 4Life's premium  all-in-one nutritional supplement option. It provides you with essential vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, female/male support, antioxidants, and the immune system power of 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus ® Tri-Factor ® Formula all in convenient packets that you can  take anywhere.

What can they to support your body?


Eyesight is important to everybody, so it's easy to share facts to get people thinking. When you're driving to work with your carpool group, mention a quick statistic about the importance of supporting good  eyesight. And, the next time you're on Facebook, share this as a status update:  …Did you know that computer monitors produce often-harmful blue light rays?

Ingredients found in 4Life Transfer  Factor Vista act as filters that help shield  the eyes from blue light.!

Who couldn't use more energy? Whether you're at the gym, work, a 4Life distributor meeting, or a party, Energy Go Stix packets are small,  so they can go everywhere that you do. Share the new berry packets at  the next office meeting or take a few to your morning spin class. These on-the-go packets are easy to use and even easier to share!

RiteStart is now available in new 30-count boxes, so this product is more accessible than ever. A cheaper price point increases flexibility for distributors, so make sure to lead  with this product at your next home meeting. With RiteStart as the base product in your monthly order, you can easily add other 4Life products. Have a RiteStart party and get your group on board with this convenient all-in-one nutritional support product!

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