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2016 NEW products from 4Life Research Company

4Life New Products 2016

4Life research company introduce 4 great new products in October at their annual convention. And the exciting product category was 4LIFE-TRANSFORM. The core concept is about weight management, muscle building and transform your body to a strong, healthy and energetic figure. 4Life company also presented upgrades in several products earlier this year. If you have a few minutes, please check out this article. Hopefully we can recommend the products for your needs.

1st PRODUCT: Is to ignite fat burning and suppressing your hunger.

4Life Research Company prepared a lot great information around this product. As a new key product, starting from earlier this year, they started the project as the “ignite project”. A lot people are taking this fat burner supplements and are getting great results. After months of waiting, it is NOW available for all of our customers. This NEW product is called: 4LIFETRANSFORM BURN.
Here is a simple introduction of this new product:

The main benefits of 4Lifetransform Burn are :

• Supports accelerated approach to body transformation, igniting fat burning and reducing hunger level
• Helps adults of all ages achieve a lean, sleek, and healthy body
• Provides energy support to ignite your workouts for optimum performance
• Accelerates the metabolism and doubles the body's ability to burn fat

2nd PRODUCT: Natural sex boosters product.

Remember the “main theme” we mentioned? Transform yourself. Here are another two exciting products from 4Life company; 4LIFETRANSFORM MAN and WOMAN. The objects of these two products, enhancing the intimacy of men and woman, also boost sexual performance.


The main benefits of 4Life Transform Man and Woman:

Enhancing the sexual experience. Also building lean muscle, improve stamina and energy level.
And for individual benefits. For man enhance the testosterone levels, for woman increase the healthy libido.

3rd PRODUCT: Anti-stress product for your over stressed life.

Do you know stress is a big invisible factor to our modern life?

According to the study of The American Psychological Association(APA)in 2015, 72% of adults are over stressed from financial problem and busy lifestyle. 4Life Research Company has created this new product 4LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR REFLEXION. It combines Stress formula, Sleeprite and 4Life Transfer Factor Formula. With the benefits of these great ingredients and value.

Beside the convention products. 4Life Company also introduce a few interesting upgraded products.


Check out with our easy, secure buy button.

4th PRODUCT: Transfer Factor Plus Chewable

It’s a great upgrade from 4Life Transfer Factor plus. As the number 1 popular product from 4Life Research Company. We have heard from some customers wondering, why we have Transfer Factor Chewable, but no Transfer Factor PLUS Chewable? 4Life Company heard that suggestion and they have produced this product. It also comes in a NEW passion fruit flavor. It taste great, and has the same benefits as Transfer Factor Plus.

5th PRODUCT: Pro-TF NOW with a Choclate taste.

And the last one is product upgrades from popular item Pro-TF. Pro-TF is such a trend product on the market right now. When it’s introduced April 2015, it was sold out for a few months. We have seen a lot great results of this product.You can see some of the results here.
Due to the high demand, 4Life’S NEW products also introduce Pro-TF chocolate flavor in a convenient NEW packaging. Each box contains 14 packages (1.38oz per packet). This package is much easier for “Gym-holics”.

Those 4Life new products are introduced in 2016. Which one can help you most? If you want to know more or make comments below:

4life business opportunity.

If you are interested to have your own 4Life business (home base business), we are here to help. You can click here to join4Life.

Having questions? Contact us or email us. We will help you to start your 4Life journey.

Check this simple layout to read all 4Lifetransform products.

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