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Phytolax and 3 more 4life products doing great job to help your body get rids of toxins and make you stay healthy.

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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2021)

4Life Phytolax for a Cleaner Colon

The colon is one of the central organs in the body as it absorbs all the toxins that you get from the food you eat. The colon acts as your filter and sponge. However, it can only take so much — if it is not cleansed properly, your health could be at great risk.

Fortunately, 4Life, the pioneering company in total wellness and patented technology, has invented another power product in Phytolax. It is a gentle and effective substitute to ensure that you have healthy gastrointestinal organs. It makes these gastrointestinal functions work regularly, aside from maintaining them through a healthy diet and daily exercise.

The body needs fiber and herbs to eliminate harmful wastes from the body. These herbal extracts can activate the colon’s muscles so it can eliminate toxic elements. To cleanse your colon, you not only need to eat fruits and vegetables, but you also need the aid of dietary supplements such as Phytolax.

The benefits of taking Phytolax:

  1. It is so good for the body that you take it on a daily basis.
  2. It cleanses your colon naturally, as you would feel only the healthy goodness of the supplement.
  3. It contains alder buck thorn and black walnut to promote regular waste elimination.
  4. It contains natural herbal extracts (i.e. ginger, cascara sagrada) for safer toxin elimination.
  5. It promotes regular bowel elimination.
  6. It supports the overall health of your digestive system.
  7. It treats and prevents constipation.
  8. It thoroughly cleanses your intestines.


Special Ingredients:

  • Cascara Bark to stimulate the function of your gall bladder and remove toxins from your liver
  • Black Walnut to remove parasites from your colon
  • Frangula Bark to treat you of constipation
  • Ginger to get rid of colon gas
  • Parsley to give you good-smelling breath
  • Bladderwack to soothe your colon
  • Xanthan Gum to prevent irritation and reduce cramps
  • Other ingredients include magnesium stearate and gelatin capsule for fast and better absorption.

You may check this link for more colon cleansing information about supplement effectiveness.

Note: Phytolax is not medicine, nor is it an alternative solution for  treating any diseases. However, Phytolax can help your digestive system so it functions regularly. It helps to clean your body and helps you achieve overall health. This is what Phytolax can do, and Phytolax is a way to give your colon therapy. Take Phytolax now and see the wonders it can do for your colon.


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