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4Life Transfer Factor KBU

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4Life Transfer Factor KBU targeted support for the bladder, improve the kidneys’ filtration process. Free Shipping for Targeted Transfer Factor product.


(Last Updated On: April 23, 2021)

Targeted Support for the bladder

The urinary tract, which includes the kidneys and the bladder, is often ignored and abused through unhealthy eating habits and hygiene. Very few supplements in the market are focused on maintaining the prime condition of these organs. This is why 4Life Research Company, with its proven and dependable track record of manufacturing supplements, came out with 4Life Transfer Factor KBU (Kidney, Bladder, Urinary).

The components contained in each capsule of 4Life Transfer Factor KBU are perfectly combined for the proper maintenance of the human urinary system. Natural ingredients — which include blueberry, cranberry, juniper berry, and dandelion leaf — all work togethcer to promote the healthy function of the bladder. They also improve the kidneys’ filtration process, which in turn lead to a healthy balance of body fluids. In addition, 4Life Transfer Factor KBU has been proven to boost the immune system. The formula works well for both men and women.

Primary Benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor KBU

Benefits of 4life Transfer Factor KBU

Benefits of 4life Transfer Factor KBU

  • Features the certified and patented 4Life Transfer Factor proven to enhance human immune cells, thus improve resistance and potential condition of the whole urinary tract and the kidneys;
  • Contains cleansing ingredients like blueberry, cranberry, mannose, and lingonberry that are used in traditional medicine in supporting a healthy bladder;
  • The addition of other potent ingredients like juniper berry, dandelion leaf, varuna, chanca piedra, and IP-6 aids in keeping the whole human urinary tract in top condition.

KBU Targeted for the bladder

Cranberry – The Urinary Tract Healer

One of the most significant natural ingredients of 4Life Transfer Factor KBU is cranberry extract. The juice from this berry has been used for many years in treating urinary tract infections. Cranberry juice maintains the health of the urinary tract walls lubricated. It’s no wonder, then, that cranberry has been listed as the top-selling supplement from 2008 to 2009.
Now, the potency of cranberry has been combined with other ingredients that are proven to support and improve the health of the human urinary tract.

Health Support

4Life Transfer Factor KBU’s primary benefits focus is for the improvement and maintenance of the urinary tract’s overall health. This is achieved by using only the finest natural ingredients.
The same ingredients that support the urinary tract have also been proven to improve the immune system. So KBU’s nutrients support the healthy urinary system.
Dosage and Administration
Each bottle of 4Life Transfer Factor KBU contains 30 capsules. The recommended dosage for maximum potency is 2 capsules to be taken twice each day for a total of 4 capsules daily. This dosage ensures the potency of each ingredient is optimized and that the organs and systems supported receive all the nutrients needed. Check the label for detailed instructions and formula and get started on the road to better health with 4Life Transfer Factor KBU.

For more information, please check Transfer Factor KBU review here.   And we have list the ingredient chart below for your information.

4Life Transfer Factor KBU ingredient

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