(Last Updated On: April 1, 2018)

The comparasion of PRO-TF vs NutraStart products

4Life company has released more body building products in the last few years. As you know, weight control always a big topic for us. Check your Pinterest, Facebook accounts, you would’t be surprised to see the foodie’s contribution. lots of great cooking ideas. While there are some great information to be slim, building up for your muscles.

As Pro-TF getting more and more attention from our customers, we also receiving questions from our consumers: what’s the main difference of these 2 weight management products?

Let’s talk about the common area first. In generally, both products come with Vanilla and chocolate flavor, and they are delicious items.

pro-tf vs nutrastart

Pro-TF vs Nutrastart

Pro-TF VS. NutraStart of the ngredient difference:

Nutrastart contains 11 grams of Fiber and 18 grams of soy and whey protein,  vitamins, minerals, and immune-boosting 4Life Transfer Factor in every 2 scoops.

Pro-TF’s unique material is called 4LifeTransform Protein Formula, every scoop contains 13.43 grams of “protein formula”. as shown on following chart:

The “secret” protein formula is the one that makes Pro-TF more premium than Nutrastart product.

Benefits differentiation:

Nutrastart is created as a meal replacement.  You can take 1-2 scoop of powder to mix with water. By replacing any of your meals in the day, with right amount of nutrastart, you can see some changes of your body. Here, we have a flavor enhance tip, 4life company mixes this product with fresh berries. Also you can use nutrastart to make pancake. If you are planning to use this product as long term, your body can get a lot great benefits from this product. Please click this link for more product ingredient info.

Pro-TF working great as muscle building and controlling your weight. We have seen a lot people taking Pro-TF when they go to gym, hiking or bicycling. The results are amazing! You can check the detail of Pro-TF here. It also providing many area of benefits, like energy boosting, suppress your hunger level, sweat more and fast, reduce body fat etc.


Our goal is trying to make the clear understanding of the difference in between Pro-TF and Nutrasart.

PRO-TF is good for muscle building and reduce body fat, it gets better result with on going exercises .

Nutrastart is a meal replacement product. It provides more basic nutrition for your body while replacing your meal.

Hopefully, this article able to explain the basic information to help you.

What’s your healthy goal for this coming Summer? The choice is on you.