(Last Updated On: October 6, 2016)

First, what is a good habit and ways of breaking bad habits!!

What we are generally talking about are those things that can affect your well being, your health and happiness. For the purpose of this article we are going to refer to those things which can affect your health.

Bad Habits that are hurting your life!

Bad habits can be: not get enough sleep, eating less nutritious foods or foods that are high in elements that being overdone, stressing out over daily activities, sitting all day getting little exercise, getting too much sunlight burning your skin and hurting your eyes, music played so loud that damages your ear drums (or working in a job with high levels of sound without protective gear), drinking too much, drugs, smoking and all the activities that creates chemical imbalance in the body. These are but a few of the examples of breaking bad habits.

A habit is defined as: “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”.

Obviously if the habit is one that does damage, it is a “bad” habit. But, if you can create a “regular tendency or practice” that is constrictive, such eating better, exercising regularly, going to bed and getting enough rest as a HABIT, then these are “good” habits since they lead to positive and supportive activities.

Happy Healthy lifestyle

Be Healthy and active

Questions to ask about being active.

The first thing you need to do is to look at those regular activities.

  1. Do you go to bed early enough to get adequate rest and increase the rest at times when the body is under stress? We recommend these natural products for sleeping, stress and mood related issues.

2. Are you active and walk longer distances to increase your digestion, increase your heart rate, and gain enough activity to maintain your physical needs?

3. Do you live in an area that is toxic and have you modified your space to maximize its safety for you and your family?

4. Do you know how to reduce your stress with positive thinking and use prayer, meditation and other relaxing mental activities to relax the mind?

5. Do you eat regular meals (not too much, not too little)? Are the food balanced and offer good nutrition without high levels of products, in which could be excessive for your needs? Do you supplement your diet to be sure you are getting all the necessary elements for the body to use in maintaining good health?

6. Do you live a positive and healthy lifestyle? (Or do you smoke, take drugs, abuse your body.)

7. Do you seek more natural health remedies in taking care of your body when it is needed, or do you just ask for a quick prescription to cover the symptoms regardless of the side effects that might occur? Check CNN Articles “Prescription addiction: Doctors must lead us out”.

Two worst and most damaging bad habits.

If you have gone through each of these areas and found which of your habits are bad, then make a list of them. After you have made the list you need to look at those BAD habits which might be doing the most damage. If you are way overweight you might want to focus on that since it can do great damage to the body, especially if you have been warned by your doctor. The obvious really bad habits are those who smoke and drink too much. These are two of the worst and most damaging bad habits. Once you have recognized that it is really bad, you can determine whether or not your family is worth making a change.

Breaking Bad Habits in Our Life

Smoking is bad for you.

There are many programs that can help, but without the desire to make the change, then there is little hope. YOU have to want to change. YOU have to make the change. YOU are the one who will best benefit from making those changes.

Tips of building good habits

In the other areas of bad habits, you have to be award and plan changes to make the differences. Example, when you go to the store, you walk around the perimeter and buy the meat, dairy and product. Stay out of the chip aisle, the cookie aisle, the processed and canned aisle and you will do much better.

Create new habits that force you to change until it becomes routine. Parking the car further from the door, taking the stairs, taking time to meditate, read positive books, and avoid those things which create and encourages bad habits. You do not go to Baskin Robbins for a salad, or take a cart at the larger stores, and if work events are stressing you out, listen to your favorite music. Like more, love more and learn to live life on a positive note. It is a step by step process. You can take these steps at your own pace. As long as you are going tothe right direction, you are making progress. What you want to do is to create NEW and positive “good” habits. You want to make these positive actions to help your body to be healthier.

What else can you check out?

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