(Last Updated On: April 1, 2018)

5 Reasons Your Body Need Quality Protein


Protein supports fat burning in healthy adults of all ages. It’s a great addition to any healthy eating and exercise program. Not only can protein help you achieve your ideal weight, it can also help you feel fuller between meals and reduce cravings for unhealthy junk food that can derail your efforts.2015-04-27_00244


Protein can help protect healthy muscle in people of all ages, by increasing muscle growth and reducing muscle breakdown. A diet higher in protein than carbohydrates has been reported to provide the greatest benefit for reducing the adverse effects associated with age-related muscle and strength —the two factors most highly correlated with quality of life in later years. This makes protein an essential supplement for older adults who want to age well.


Embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. Whey protein can be a powerful and effective tool to transform both your body and your health. Whether you want to support healthy blood glucose levels and appetite, improve sports performance and recovery or just look and feel better, protein can help you achieve your goals.

2015-04-27_002454. IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTH

Protein supports healthy muscle mass and a healthy immune system. Because muscles release signaling molecules that communicate with the brain, liver, pancreas, bones, fat tissue, and many other organs, the healthier and more active your muscles, the healthier your overall immune system response will be.


Ever dream of the day when you were truly happy with your body—not just for a few weeks of strict calorie deprivation and beating yourself up at the gym—but for the rest of your life? No matter your body transformation goals—to lose body fat or to gain muscle—protein can play a significant role in helping you achieve and maintain your ideal body composition. Even people who consider themselves to be “too skinny” can add more quality muscle (in combination with a healthy diet and exercise) versus those who primarily eat high glycemic carbohydrates or fat.

Additional information: How much protein do you need?

Step1: Choose your goal weight

step2: Use the following calculations(s):

To lose body fat and weight: Goal weight x 1 = Total daily grams of protein

To gain muscle and strength: Goal weight x 1.33 = Total daily grams of protein