(Last Updated On: April 1, 2018)

Hot Summer is approaching, and are you planning your exercises for your fitness schedule? Checking this article out.

There are a lot of reasons to take supplements to sport your body and its functions, but many people need to understand why and what can help them. It all depends on what choice we make in life as to how healthy we generally are, whether we strengthen our bodies, or weaken them; whether we give them the best fuel to grow or cheap junk (the reason they call it “Junk Food”) to be used to build healthy muscles, bones and keep the body healthy. So, here is a list of reasons to take these unique and beneficial products:

  • Take PRO TF when you are considering exercising or wanting to “get in shape”. This product increases your bodies ability to burn fat and increase the development of lean muscle.


PRO TF is the latest 4life product released on April 2015, its a new hit on the market, this product’s pre-sale end in 2 hours. A lot 4life consumers have taken this product and lose weight! You can click the product image to view some great result from other consumers and understand more about this product.

Also, you can use your smartphone to download an app call 4life transform to monitor your own weight control progress. check your Apple Store or Google Play now to get your FREE Gift before buying this product.

  • Take ENERGY (In Berry, Orange, and NEW Pink Lemonade) when you feel the need to increase your energy, or rekindle the energy needed to be active or go to the gym.

Energy-go-stix-pink-lemonadeEnergy Go stix Berryshape4life-Energy-GoStix

There are 3 type of products with Energy Go Stix as we mentioned above, there is an interesting image we have of comparing these products with other popular Energy products.


According to the chart, you can easily understand which product is healthier for you and give you energy boost!. Note: The Energy Go stix in this image is Citrus flavor.  Berry is a great taste product; Pink lemonade is a new flavor, probably popular in the summer; Citrus is a classic flavor, you can mix it with hot water for cold weather!

  • Take REZOOM when running , playing, and wanting that extra energy to support the bodies activities.

ReZoom 32 oz

Rezoom is an interesting product for summer exercise. There is a small measurement cup on the top right side to give yourself a small portion of drink, the main feature of this product giving you energy for your exercises.

  • Take….. after you have enjoyed your sports, the gym, or all the things that you love to do and exhaust your body, your muscles, and staining of your joints, then you need:

FLEX 4LIFE for your joints


CM SUPER for the minerals needed to keep your body strong.

Now you know why you should take these products and what they can do for you. You know what the products are for and what parts of the body they will support. It is vital to keep the body active and to exercise it regularly. This is all part of a healthy lifestyle. It is your choice. You can sit and watch TV, gain that extra 5-10 pounds every year until you are 30-50 pounds overweight, or you can say….. NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!