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What is Essential Oils?

Let’s introducing 4Life Essential oils products. These are volatile aromatic compounds that are found in the barks, stems, flowers, roots, seeds and another part of plants and they are volatile because they tend to change their liquid or solid state to gas when placed in a room temperature. Essential oils contain a distinctive smell that helps plant in pollination and also protects them. These oils are mostly used in food preparation, health-care practice and especially in beauty treatment.

4Life essential oils products

Introducing 4life Essential oils family

Time for 4Life essential oils

4Life Essential oil products such as peppermint, calmaVida, cool touch, lemon, and TForce are oils which are the premiere and focus in collecting fully the pure and natural essential oils which features the finest plant component that enhances your body, life and soul.

The essential oil was launched by 4life in August 2017 with an aim of raising oils which are 100% pure in order to become more of aesthetic oil instead of becoming healing oil. The 4life ensures that they raise oils that are documented and certified by both essential plant and science and these oils are sourced globally to make them good for use by many consumers.

The 4life has ensured also that they look for specific peak levels in order not only to provide sensory experience but also give the power needed for nutritional.

Introducing 4Life Essential Oils Products

4Life Essential oils kit

TForce 4Life essential oil

This is the only essential oil that is 100% pure and is mostly liked by many people, because it contains the patented 4life Transfer Factor Formula. The oil can be diffused by the carrier oil in order to be applied to your skin especially around the chest area. The diffused oil can also be applied by putting a drop on your neck, earlobes, on soles of your feet or also in your bath water. It contains pure ingredient essential oils which have a blend and they include the orange essential oil, clary sage essential oil, peppermint essential oil and the patchouli essential oil. According to study, this essential oil demonstrates that its purifying power is backed to sponsor 4life in an independent way.

Tforce essential oils

This oil also contains warm and welcoming feeling which its scent is described as minty, woody, sweet and citrus because it brings calmness and peace.

CoolTouch 4life essential oil

This oil is mostly provided to cool the effect while massaging and create an interesting heating and cooling in your body as you continue to massage. This oil is 100% pure and has potent and topical blend property which provides the powerful effect of cooling, beautifying and settling when massaging.

cooltouch essential oils

This oil contains ingredient blends such as camphor essential oil, wintergreen essential oil, peppermint essential oil, osmanthus fragrance essential oil and lastly the chamomile essential oil. The CoolTouch essential oil is combined or diffused with carrier oil in order to be applied topically to places like earlobes, feet, and neck which are good 4life.

CalmaVida 4life essential oil

In Spanish, this oil is usually interpreted as “calm life” because it is 100% pure and contains essential oil blend bolsters which benefit the lavender essential oil in the best way. This oil is designed to provide a feeling of tranquility because it contains a scent that is described as grounding, floral and fresh in the earthly notes that elicit the calmness to your environment.

calma vida essential oils

The CalmaVida contains blend ingredients such as lavender essential oil, camphor essential oil, mint essential oil and lavender essential oil. This oil is applied topically to earlobes, neck, on the bottom of your feet when diffused with a carrier oil in order to heal or deal with any pressure point.

Lemon 4life essential oil

This essential oil is 100% pure and it offers bright and vibrant top notes which impart an energized attitude and fresh environment. The lemon essential oil originates from reminiscent of Founder Bianca Lisonbee’s Italian and it brings an elation of your spiritual outlook. The oil gives a cool environment because it contains fresh, bright, clean, pure, citrus, fruity and uplifting smell.

lemon essential oils

We can apply this oil by diffusing it, because it contains an ideal scent and composition which make it very popular to a lot people.

Peppermint 4life essential oil

This oil is 100% pure and it can cools and refreshes the skin. It also gives a feeling of freshness and peace, because of its invigorating fragrance note that is wonderful for diffusing with other essential oils. The oil contains earthly base note which makes it be sweet and its fragrance top notes make it more delicious.

peppermint essential oils

We can diffuse this oi in any environment because it contains a brick, fresh, mint and sweet smell.

All of 4Life essential oils products come with 15 ml contain per bottle, and working great with following accessories.

4Life essential oil Carrier oil

Coconut carrier oil plays catalyst role,  we combine it with essential oils product together. It contains coconut aroma which blends beautifully with other essential oils. The carrier oil is used to dilute powerful essential oils in order to apply them safely on the skin. This oil is also widely used when massaging because of its cool effect.

coconut carrier oil

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A note here:


Pure essential oils provide pleasant scents and other beneficial properties that come from 100% natural components.
Common air fresheners and body sprays often contain synthetic fragrance components that can elicit certain side effects in some people.

Where is 4Life essential oils products extracted from?

According to 4Life company, all the ingredients come from extraction of fruits, trees or plants. Using the most desired way to release the pure oil.