(Last Updated On: February 28, 2015)

Let the Tools Do the Talking
There are many options available to help you better communicate as a 4Life distributor, including a full palette of helpful tools. With the support of 4Life’s professional marketing materials, there’s no need to overwhelm yourself with perfectly mastering all of the product science or compensation plan details before you approach new prospects. Concentrate on simply being yourself.

You can maximize your time and effort by sharing tools that best meet the needs and interests of each of your prospects. The Science & Synergy booklet, 4Life’s Q&A brochures, and the 4Life Product Catalog are great for people in search of new and advanced wellness support. Do you know someone who is ready to make a career change or looking for a new job? The Compound Opportunity and Exploring the Life Rewards Plan™ DVDs are perfect for explaining the incredible financial potential 4Life has to offer.

Keep Your Group in the Loop
Perpetuating business growth means keeping communication going long after signing up new distributors. Distributors in your organization make up your own personal success team. Recognition, motivation, and constant communication are vital to keeping your team together and strengthening your efforts to achieve both personal and team goals.

There are a variety of ways to keep your team connected. Weekly and monthly meetings are a favorite means of communication among top 4Life leaders.

4Life contests, giveaways, product launches, and special events offer a colorful way to keep members of your group interested and motivated. But they can’t work if you or your team members don’t know about them. Maintain ongoing communication and help your team keep up on everything 4Life with any of these options:
• Meetings
• Summit magazines
• Accent newsletters
• Press releases
• eNews
• cher4life.com
• Social networking
• Conference calls
• Personal emails
• Team newsletters
• Webinars
Whether you’re a long-time or brandnew 4Life distributor, be proactive about your communication. Sign up, log in, and make a phone call today. Approach your upline leaders when you need help or have any questions. Help create a successful circle of communication that benefits everyone on the team.

Good communication helps ensure that your message resonates in the hearts of prospects and your 4Life group. Set new communication goals this month to better serve the members of your team and help create your own 4Life masterpiece.