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IT IS SUMMER TIME FOR BATHING SUITS AND SMALLER CLOTHING!10 products from 4Life to help you lose weight

Here is the time so many people hate, the reality that they cannot hide the extra 10, 20  pounds or more, under those jackets and layers of cloths. We have prepared 10 products from 4Life company to help you manage weight.

When people come face to face with reality in the mirror that they have dreaded…..or…. we can face the challenge and do something about it. Take charge of our lives or give excuses and do nothing. It is the choice we all may face. For those who want to take charge, want to do something about it and are ready to take action, we have help, something that will support those efforts and give you the added edge to win the “battle of the bulge!”

Part 1. What do we take to boost Energy?

Well let’s make a list of what you can take and why:

#1 If you are in need of energy, then try the ENERGY Go stix, it’s a wonderful and flavorful drink that you can add to your water to increase your energy level and become active. There are 3 flavors you can select from Pink Lemonade, Berry and Citrus. My personal favorite is Citrus. And a lot of people I know, they love Berry or Pink Lemonade.

Please check this article ” Review of Energy Go Stix products

Energy Go Stix Berry

Review of Energy Go Stix

#2 If you are going to be athletic, then you might need greater energy support and the tonic of REZOOM may be just the right product for you. For your information, this product contains some alcohol. It also contains Riboflavin, Niacin and Vitamin B6.

For more information, you can view this chart:

rezoom ingredient

Rezoom comes with 32 oz per bottle. It comes with measuring on the bottle, you can take 1/2 once daily as recommended.

Part 2. Adjust your diet and input.

Now you have the energy you need to be active, what about the cravings and the things you eat. What can you do about that? There are many diet program with strange names. But when we are hungry, we cannot stop ourselves eating.

Have you seen this term “Han?Gry”? It’s an adj. A state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state.

Hungry eating

#3 That terrible craving, can try Shape 4life product line item,  CITRI-SHAPE or Pro-TF 

Especially Pro-TF, it has helped a lot of people to lose weight. You can read the review of PRO-TF here.

Pro-TF Vanilla and Chocolate Flavor

Pro-TF comes with Vanilla and Chocolate flavor.

#4 For the appetite control is CATALYST PLUS with also a balance of glucose levels and overall energy levels.

#5 Then there is METABOLITE that supports the all-important thyroid function, as well as digestive and cellular functions.

#6 4LifeTransform Burn ables to support and promote the development of a lean body mass. This is a brand new 4Life product, it works like a charm. Check the benefits of Transform Burn here. As a new item, it has been selling out really quick.

#7 And when the need to lose more and you want to encourage the body there is also NUTRASTART. Powder product that you can use as a meal replacement. The can be a great assistance in losing that extra weight.

#8 If there is too much fat in the diet there is also CHITOLITE which is a great fat absorbed product.

#9 Then for those who have a tendency to cheat with the occasional sweets,  you might look into the sugar blocking ability of product Gurmar. This product will make sugar that you consume, disappear in your body.

#10 AND …. Last but not least, check out the product from 4Life Research, PRO TF. This unique product is NEW and fantastic in its help of burning fat and building lean muscles.

Exercises and Energy

Well? What are you waiting for? Now you have all the tools you need to succeed and make this a summer of pride, not shame!

You can check Weight Management section from cher4life.com for more products information.

Did we not mention any major weight management topics? Please let us know.